When I first started The Sacred Voice Studio, I honestly had no idea what a Sacred Voice really was. I knew it was a something that was calling to me, a whisper of a concept that was vital and personal, but I had no conceot of what would evolve into my current understanding.

That came after many months and years of quiet discernment, of inner inquiry, of writing, of practice and play, and working with countless singers as I quietly discovered how we all… tick.

I had a vision in which I came to understand that the seat of the Sacred Voice is within the heart (read more here), which was a ground-breaking moment. But a deeper understanding came a while later.

The Sacred Voice is that presence within our being that births divine expression into form.

For me, my Sacred Voice is an entity, and takes on the form of an avatar: she is a friend, lover, and co-creator of all that I express and do when I am connected to my Sacred Voice. She has a name, I feel her presence whenever I tap into my heart center and call upon her. When I feel her presence, I abound in joy. When I sense the presence of the Sacred Voice within others, I feel their joy, too.

Please do not ask me how or why this is possible if you expect some kind of rational answer. I do have a tidy response: I believe it is the mystery of the Creator working through us. Who on earth could actually say?

Mind you, this does not happen all the time. That would be amazing, but is hilariously not the case. However, it is my sincere desire to express my Sacred Voice whenever I sing, my particular preferred mode of bringing the Divine into form. I’m constantly practicing. I get closer with every breath that I take, every note that I sing. And now I think, how could it be any other way?