Voice Lessons

Welcome to The Sacred Voice Studio, a container for your exponential growth, where amazing things happen in unexpected ways.

Voice lessons (or voice coachings) are an invaluable, process-oriented pathway to receiving guidance and training on your voice journey. They also offer a regular singing outlet and a way to engage and exercise your voice and musicianship.

I have been teaching private voice lessons for almost two decades, most recently at Washington National Cathedral and Georgetown University. My role as a voice coach is to lead you towards your own understanding of how to use your voice in a way that is authentic, healthy, and whole, no matter the kind of music you prefer, your level of skill, or the range and style of your voice.

My method of teaching is not atypical of any other kind of work you might encounter in a voice studio, but there is one drastic difference. I do not teach from the “outside-in,” but rather, the “inside-out.” My approach to singing is based on my own lifetime of experience as a professional singer, guided by missteps, overthinking, overproducing, and overcontrolling my voice.

What in the world do I mean?

Voice Lesson 2.0

I have come to understand that our voice is not optimally produced by creating a set of external conditions to be met and manipulated, but rather to harness and release the powerful energy of your voice; embrace and enhance the innate functionality of the human instrument; establish a mindset free of egoic noise; and learn how to access your creative spirit and intuition through the heartspace.

Your vision for your voice is personal, and everyone is at a different place on their unique journey. I am excited to work with clients who have the will to transform where they currently are, to realize their personal vision for their voice (knowing that they may have no clue how to get there!).

Throughout the course of our time together, we will work with the essentials of the Sacred Voice Framework to help you clarify and realize your vision for your voice and goals for your singing. We will set an intention for our time together, and zoom into whatever desire you have for that session. Depending on your intention, we may do breathwork, vocalization, mindset creation, repertoire work, or address specific technical issues, or pain points you would like to move through.

If you are interested in learning music, or refining your musical skills, I have a vast knowledge of repertoire in many styles from which to make aligned music recommendations for each unique student. The Studio holds two (optional) community events per semester, including a masterclass and salon performance.

If you are ready to launch forward in your singing practice in a completely new, affirming, and joyful way, set up a Clarity Call with me. I want to hear about your voice journey, and we can discuss how to proceed in working together.

It’s been incredibly exciting to work with Allison; she is an enthusiastic and curious teacher who takes a holistic view of the connection of voice and body. She has access to repertoire outside the mainstream, and every lesson feels tailored to where my voice (and mind and body) are on that day. I am so excited to see where our lessons lead next!​

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