Heal Your Voice Coaching

Renew and sustain a healthy and whole relationship with your voice.

You no longer need to feel disconnected from your one and only voice. There is a gentle and loving way to regain the connection. Let me walk you through a powerful process for releasing fear, building trust, and rescripting your relationship with your voice.

In three 55-minute sessions, you will be led through a deeply healing and affirming process of healing.

This session is for you if…

  • You are finally ready to reclaim your voice and the joy of singing.

  • You want to move past the inner roadblocks that prevent you from singing by yourself, or with others.
  • You know that something has to change, but you are unsure of how to proceed, and that change feels overwhelming.
  • You feel that your voice wants to be expressed, but believe that your voice has somehow failed or abandoned you.

How to Heal Your Voice

For singers and non-singers alike, this powerful one-on-one coaching session will guide you through a process to identify and release limiting beliefs surrounding your voice.

I know from personal experience that being out of alignment with your voice can be agonizing. In my quest to seek a healthier relationship with my voice, I could not find any ally or guide who could help me navigate the emotional and spiritual aspects of what I coudl not recognize as my own healing process. 

So I pushed up my sleeves, and got to work. It is my privilege to share the harvest of this experience with you. Let me walk you through the process of recovering your connection with your voice, and allowing the space to cultivate a new reality for you, and your singing.

It can feel incredibly overwhelming to undertake this journey. But with help at your side, and the will to truly change how you feel, anything is possible.

You can completely change the way you feel about your voice. Let me show you the way towards a future that is lighter, more free, and more connected with your one and only sacred voice.

What you will gain

During your transformational coaching sessions, you will walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of what has been holding you back, and how to move beyond your limitations.
  • A deep release from the struggle that has been holding your voice back.

  • A new appreciation and reverence for your voice.

  • A method to help you continue to address and clear future roadblocks.

  • Non-critical feedback on how to strengthen and free your sound.

  • Renewed and upgraded connection with your breath and your body.

clarity call

Schedule a (committment-free) conversation with me to discuss where you are on your voice journey, and if there is an offering that is just right for you. 

I can’t wait to connect and hear your story.

You can relieve the heaviness that you feel about your singing.

I want you to feel deeply nurtured and supported as regain connection with your voice. I can offer a healthy, achievable process to release the negative emotions that may surround your voice. 

You no longer have to compromise your self-esteem or diminish your inner light on account of your voice. I will teach you the very same process I have used for my own healing and transformation.

It does mean that you will face the places you wish to cover up, acknowledging the skillful dodging of your issues with compassion, and gently move aside the barriers that have been erected between you and your sacred voice.

Set up your first session, and let’s get to work.

As a non-singer, with the intention of using my voice to connect to inner wisdom and as a tool for healing, working with Allison has been an insightful and joyful experience. She is clearly passionate about sharing the knowledge she embodies from the awakening process of her own sacred voice.

adrienne g.

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