Voice Coaching and Mentorship

Ready to discover and cultivate your vision for your voice?

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Voice Lessons

Guided learning for sacred voice seekers and music-lovers.

Sacred Voice Session

Launchpad to the next level of possibility with your voice.

Heal Your Voice Coaching

Establish a healthy, loving, and whole relationship with your voice.

Voice Lessons

A voice lesson is a container to help you marry your vision for your voice with your actual instrument. Lessons are perfect for singers who are steadily building and refining their vocal technique and personal artistry, and seek guidance on best practices to move forward. 

Sacred Voice Session

My signature, in-depth coaching for you to discover and cultivate your sacred voice and launch you forward on your voice journey with clarity and confidence. This offering is for anyone ready to activate a new level of depth, creativity, and joy in their practice.

Heal Your Voice Coaching

This is a container for you to address and dissolve the inner barriers to your voice, absolutely free from judgment. This coaching is ideal for people who feel disconnected from their voice, and ready to reclaim their sound. 

from my community

Working with Allison is wonderful…she somehow extracts the sound that you didn’t realize was inside the whole time. She cares deeply about helping each student find their own path to a healthier relationship to their voice.

tyler l.

I have been working with Allison for several years. I have experienced tremendous growth in my singing and with it an increasing level of joy in music. Allison is a truly great teacher of singing technique. She is a master of all the technical and physiological details that one might need to know, while being an incredibly caring and positive communicator. She finds the right way to get the message through to each singer according to his or her needs. 

david f.

I’m honored to be an Allison’s student. I never thought I could sing and one year after my singing has improved so much. I trust my voice in a way I couldn’t before. Allison is very special and she makes you feel you can do it. Thank you, Allison.

teresa m.

As a teacher, she is a fierce, passionate advocate for her students, always seeing their gifts and inspiring them to grow into and take ownership of their persons and voices. As a colleague, she is the kindest, most loving person I could ever have hoped to work with – her support and friendship have meant the world to me in my own teaching and musicianship.

george fergus

Associate Director of Music and Organist
Washington National Cathedral

Working with Allison over the past five years has been a tremendous growth experience for me, one that has helped me to understand the physical, mental and spiritual components to unlocking my singing and performing potential. I’ve learned how to relax certain muscles while engaging others, which has increased my range and allowed me to sing with greater ease and beauty. A big part of the journey has been about cultivating and focusing awareness, as well as quieting the self-judging inner voice that so distracts from the task at hand. Allison’s mastery of repertoire and technique have empowered me to evolve in whatever direction I choose to go. One could not ask for a more caring, attentive, and gifted vocal coach!

dale f.

The journey to discover your sacred voice has no endpoint. The sacred voice never degrades. You may feel disconnected or unsure of what to do or where to go next, but take heart: your sacred voice will never leave or abandon you. It is the gentle voice within that says… I am here, waiting for you to claim your brilliance.

How To Trust Your Voice

A free online course to help you access your sacred voice and cultivate trust in yourself. 

Remove your doubts and cultivate trust. This course outlines a method to help you understand and dissolve your fears, and build a rock-solid foundation for your singing.

Create a mindset that supports you, rather than hinders you. Understand how your mind can sabotage or support your goals, and create a lasting practice to keep you focused.

Apply this method for any musical genre, style, or voice type. This visionary method is universal to all voice users, and does not require any special skill or aptitude.

Leave behind your fretting and frustration.

Click below to get immediate access to this free course and start building trust right now.