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Heal Your Voice


Release your fears and embrace your inner voice

Discover a healing process to help you dismantle your inner roadblocks to your  one and only sacred voice.

Heal Your Voice

An ebook with a proven process to help you clear away your fears and step into greater freedom in your singing.

We are not taught how to have a healthy emotional relationship with our voice. And we are not taught how to heal from experiences that have created a separation from our voice.

If you carry around a mental burden that affects your singing, you are not alone. But you do not have to carry this weight, dear one. There is a way to move beyond the burden you feel, and step into a new, more whole, and more loving relationship with your voice.

It is finally time to change. It is time to heal your voice.

Receive my new ebook, Heal Your Voice, and gently move aside the inner barriers that keep you from expressing your true voice.



Working with her was a deeply healing experience, and I discovered so many underlying pains and blockages in my mental approach to music that had been holding me back for a long time.

natalie s.


Each exercise and prompt that Allison gives is a mini-celebration of the unfolding mystery of my unique voice. I believe Allison is shining a beautiful light on the pedagogy of the voice.

adrienne g.


I never took the time to really think about what I needed to do for singing the way I want to. Something happened at the workshop and I feel more confident. I trust my voice in a way I couldn’t before.

teresa m.

hello seeker.

My name is Allison Mondel, and I want you to finally, once and for all, feel better about your voice.

You do not have to spend one more moment in dismay, worry, suffering, or longing about your voice. But if you truly want to create a change in the way you feel about your voice. you need to take action.

Let me help.

Despite years of vocal training and working at the highest professional level in my field, I felt miserable about my voice, and myself as a result. Until one day I knew the madness had to stop, and I underwent a new chapter in my life to heal my relationship with my voice.

We are not taught how to manage the emotions around our voice. I am here to show you how you can understand, process, and work through them. It’s about the inner work.

It is not learning about vocal technique or how to work harder, or become bulletproof to criticism. But it is going through a gentle process of growing self-awareness, self-inquiry, and guided release of your inner roadblocks. 

You can relieve yourself of nagging fear, worry, and silent dread about your voice. You can create a new, healthy, and whole relationship with your one and only voice.

You can heal your voice. Right now.

Heal Your Voice eBook

Release your fears and embrace your inner voice. 

Digital ebook with exercises and prompts to help you remove your inner roadblocks to your voice. 24 pages.