Heal and Renew

Transform Your Relationship with Your Voice

Heal and Renew:

A Workshop for Singers


Saturday, May 22, 2021
10am-12pm US Eastern

Let’s forge a new pathway to honor, heal, and renew your relationship with your voice.

Dear One,

How do you feel about your voice?

Do you love it? Do you fear it? Does it drive you crazy? Can you depend on it? Does singing bring out the very best in you, or the very worst? Or, maybe both? (Right here! ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ)

This message is for you, my singing soulmate, because I long for you to hear it:

Your voice is a treasure. It need not be such a burden. There is a way forward.

Our relationship with our voice is sown over years and years, and is influenced by so many experiences, and people, and emotions, and triumphs, and let-downs. It starts when we are born, and up to the present moment, as you read this.

My friend, the world has a great many things to say about what you should do with your voice. Or how you should sound. Or who you are, or your level of worthiness, depending on how you sound. Or how you should just Be Confident. Or just get. over. it.

I call that bullshit.

Despite the lure of a bulletproof mindset, our creative selves have thin, permeable membranes.ย 

We are not taught how to attend to the inner world of being a singer. So in order to survive and carry on from our experiences, we try to just keep it hidden, keep practicing, find a new teacher, or a better song, a new group, and… you’ll be fine, right? Or, you could just stop. Because it is simply too painful to do anything else, and then you do your best to avoid the grief that you have disconnected from your voice.

Allowing our emotional selves to flounder through the singing process can lead to deleterious effects on our emotional, mental, and physical well-being, as well as our capacity to access the very best thing about our voice: our soul’s longing to expand and serve.ย 

So, let’s attend to you…

โœน Maybe you have a regular voice practice, but are beleaguered by your inner critic.

โœน Maybe you have been avoiding practice because it is just too much emotional energy to invest.

โœน Maybe you have not sung for a very long while, and you keep thinking about how to get started again.

โœน Maybe you have pushed your voice far down, deep within you, because of something someone told you long ago about how it was not worth hearing. And now it is calling to you to be summoned.

โœน Maybe you are a professional singer who has disconnected from your joy of singing because you have been jaded and burned and stung by elite musical training that told you that your voice was not enough.

โœน Maybe you are like me, knowing you are destined to sing and share your gifts with others, but are just too worried about always doing the right thing, and then avoiding singing, the very thing that you most desire to do.

โœน Maybe you have a love/hate relationship with your voice, and believe that your voice is always letting you down.

โœน Maybe you love your voice, but keep getting stuck in the same mental rut that youย shouldย be doing this and this and this or else you will not succeed.

My brave friend: if any of this describes you, then it is time to heal and renew your relationship with your voice. Can you allow the possibility that singing need not be so burdensome, weighty, or difficult?

I designed this workshop for singers with any level of skill or experience who yearn to be free of the burden surrounding their voice. I accept that may be very difficult for you to envision. But your desire, your longing, your craving to reclaim a healthy relationship with your voice is possible.

I have walked through fire with my voice. I have forged an iron-clad relationship with this aspect of myself, when previously we paraded around as a fickle, unruly, and poisonous couple. It is my life’s work to deepen and strengthen my relationship with my voice, and to help other’s do the same.

Let me be your guide. You must learn how to nurture your inner singer, and you must allow that change is possible. Because I can prove it. And I want to show you the way.



“I have gained a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the breath as a trustable wellspring from which my voice arises, as well as the importance of getting the mind out of the way for a deeper resonance and alignment (body and pitch) to naturally occur. Iโ€™m so grateful for Allisonโ€™s technical expertise rooted in trust and heart-centeredness, which has given me tools to build a voice practice based on profound listening and inquiry, holistic embodiment and a reverence for the voice as a sacred instrument. Each exercise and prompt that Allison gives is a mini-celebration of the unfolding mystery of my unique voice. I believe Allison is shining a beautiful light on the pedagogy of the voice.”

adrienne g.

“This workshop is a must take for any artist no matter the age or level of experience. While Allison shrewdly covers the basics of breath she also touches on the pitfalls, which most of us sound makers experience along the road of releasing air. Allison is an artist who has really dealt with the whole gambit of breath issues – from extreme success to searching for the answers. Anyone living in or between those two extremes will be thoroughly satisfied and thrilled to hear what Allison has to say. Take a deep breath, and sign up for this radical workshop!”

meghan mccall

“Working with her was a deeply healing experience, and I discovered so many underlying pains and blockages in my mental approach to music that had been holding me back for a long time. I learned so much about the connection of the voice to the entire body, and learned how to pull my singing out of my head and into my breath. This knowledge has helped to guide me in my own teaching and my own singing. The Sacred Voice model for singing is the most organic and intuitive form of musicianship I’ve ever come across, and I would recommend it to all singers.”

natalie s.

“The workshop with Allison gave me so much to think about! I feel like I’m headed down a new path with my voice. There’s a lot more work to do but I have some idea of how to approach it now. And I felt unself-conscious about singing (or less self-conscious, anyway) for the first time in a long time!”

helen f.

“I never thought I could sing, and one year after working with Allison my singing has improved so much. Something happened at the workshop and I feel more confident. I trust my voice in a way I couldnโ€™t before. Allison is very special and she makes you feel you can do it. Thank you, Allison.”

teresa m.

About the Workshop

This two-hour workshop will radically transform your relationship with your voice. I want to walk you through a beautiful, affirming, results-oriented process that will help you:

  • Identify and release the fears that hold you back
  • Understand why your voice feels caught
  • Break through on blocks of being heard
  • Recall your voice and reestablish trust in yourself
  • Create a new narrative and vision for your voice

Your relationship with your voice will be transformed.

The process will include:

  • Invocation and connection with your Sacred Voice
  • Guided breathwork to release tension
  • Body scan and chakra alignment to gain crucial awareness of blocked energy
  • Prompted writing to access your subconscious beliefs about your voice
  • Release ceremony
  • Learning how to remain wholehearted when the going gets tough
  • Crafting a new narrative and vision for your voice

This workshop is a container for you to access and understand the invisible blocks to your voice, to release that blocked energy, and to create a relationship of renewed oneness and connection with your voice.

All you need is a journal and writing utensil and the will to transform.

about allison

I’m Allison Mondel, Transformational Voice Coach and big-hearted seeker on a mission to help others discover their innate, brilliant Sacred Voice, and transform their singing and their lives.ย 

It is my part of my greater purpose to help singers heal, restore, and tap into the power of their voice. I want to help you, too.

here are the details:

Heal and Renew:

A Transformational Workshop for Singers


Saturday, May 22, 2021
10am-12pm Eastern Time

You will be sent an email with an access link to the Zoom meeting.ย 

Total time: 2 hours

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IMAGE:ย Photo byย Andre Benzย onย Unsplash.