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Ignite and clarify your singing practice at home.

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dear singer-seeker !!

So many singers are feeling frustrated and constrained by our stay at home.

You, too?

We are constantly within earshot of anyone and everyone, we are continually distracted, and we have no external structures to keep up a regular singing practice. 

Living with an ever-present audience (our family, housemates, and neighbors!) and the decrease of group accountability and support can make us pull back and refrain from singing. It dampen our spirits, and causes us to contract, and we shut down our voice.

Goodbye joyful, creative flow and expressive music-making. Goodbye, voice. Goodbye, singing.

Dear One, the world needs your joyful music-making right now. Is it what YOU need right now, too?

The world needs us right now. It needs your light, it needs YOU to use your VOICE.

I was inspired to create this worksheet to help you KICKSTART your singing again and get CLEAR about how you can structure your singing practice.

Believe me, there is time in the day for singing. But it can feel so overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. 

But now you do!

Join me in my Facebook group, The Sacred Voice Circle, to get support and accountability, if you need it. I know that I do!

It’s super clear and easy. It’s fun. 

Click below to download the free worksheet and go get SINGING! 



get singing!

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