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— January 5, 2021 —

W R I T T E N  B Y  Allison Mondel

 As we have safely landed on the shores of 2021, I have found myself wanting and hungry for the Next Steps.

What in the heck should I do now? 

However, I know now that I am getting ahead of myself. Because one of the most valuable lessons I have gained this past year is that: right action follows clarity of purpose.

Of course, we can continue to go about our business, bumping into things and figuring it all out for ourselves as we go. But it all feels a bit meandering, and not entirely satisfying. But there is a wiser course of action. It requires cultivating some inner space and time to get clear on the bigger picture.

So I have a question for you: What is the vision for your voice?

If you ask the question earnestly, and take the time and space to ruminate upon it, you will come closer seeing your vision not only clarify, but manifest in your life. 

I so sincerely believe in this exercise. It has changed the course of both my personal relationship with my voice, and my professional career in profound ways.

I encourage you to create some space for this question, especially if you, too, are hungry for the Next Steps but are not sure where to start.

The Practice

This is a journaling exercise. If you are someone that journals, you will understand the power of this practice. If you are not, or feel resistance to it, I understand. But lean into it. Clarity will pursue your hard efforts, and the results will be worth every drop of emotional sweat.

Create a quiet, safe space for yourself where you will be free of interruptions, and can meaningfully engage with these questions. Take out your favorite journal, or keep a voice journal, dedicated to the voice journey you are on.

Start — always — by mindfully connecting with your heart center, and inviting your connection with your Sacred, inner voice. (Here, my friend, is where the real wisdom lies within you.)

Allow your breath to flow. Do not concern yourself with the distraction of the quality of your breath. Just let it be your companion. 

And now, read each prompt and let the question sit in your heart. Then, let your pen flow. It will move of its own accord. Your practice is to simply allow it to move, without judgment or analysis of the response. 

When you finish with the prompts below, continue to write whatever you wish. You needn’t stop! The journal is a holding space. It serves as your own personal incubator for the spirited creativity that resides within you that needs a place to be born.

Journal Prompts

+ What is the vision for my Sacred Voice?

+ How am I called to use my voice?

+ How do I want to feel when I sing?

+ What is the music?

+ Who is my audience?

+ What am I meant to learn?

+ Do I need a guide to help me realize this vision?

+ What do I need to let go of in order to realize this vision?

+ What do I need to heal in order to realize this vision?

+ What is my healing process?

+ What action do I need to take in order to live into this vision?


Enjoy the process, Dear One. Your ideas are precious, and your voice is sacred. What we need out here in the world is for you to unleash this force of beauty, spirit, and personal vision. It is your gift to give, and ours to receive.



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I’m Allison Mondel, Transformational Voice Coach and big-hearted seeker on a mission to help others discover their innate, brilliant Sacred Voice, and transform their singing and their lives.

IMAGE: Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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