Are you frustrated with your breath?

Are you confused by breathing? Like, what you should do?

Do you feel like you are doing all the things, but still feel stuck?

Do you just feel that you never have enough air?

you need a

breath makeover!

welcome to a breath of fresh air!

Join me for a special workshop for singers that will TRANSFORM your breathing,
help you clarify your understanding of how in the world your breath really works, and
gain you *instant* positive breathing results.

Join me for this transformative event, and get yourself your very own Breath Makeover!!! 🎉🎉🎉

I’m talking Queer Eye-style, with a sacred voice touch. 😉 (I love that show.)

This workshop is for any level of singer: I guarantee you will leave with a stronger foundation of basic breathing principles, gain a clear understanding of How Things Work and How They Should Feel, and apply some fresh approaches to this fundamental aspect of your practice. Which we all know can also be one of the most mysterious and frustrating! 

We will talk frankly about how we limit our access to breath, the traps that we set up for ourselves, and how to bypass them completely.

I will explain in simple, clear, and practical ways how you can minimize interference to your breath, and maximize the quality of your breath.

this workshop is for you if:


  • You are confounded by breathing.
  • You are a seasoned pro who just can’t seem to get past a hump.
  • You are not sure how your breath actually connects with your singing.
  • You are scared of breathing! It’s so hard! You have no idea what you are doing!
  • You are convinced you are a terrible breather.
  • You are hungry for more confidence in your singing.
  • You are a voice teacher who needs a fresh approach for your studio.
  • You are a conductor who would like to help your choir (and yourself!).

“I have gained a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the breath as a trustable wellspring from which my voice arises, as well as the importance of getting the mind out of the way for a deeper resonance and alignment (body and pitch) to naturally occur. I’m so grateful for Allison’s technical expertise rooted in trust and heart-centeredness, which has given me tools to build a voice practice based on profound listening and inquiry, holistic embodiment and a reverence for the voice as a sacred instrument. Each exercise and prompt that Allison gives is a mini-celebration of the unfolding mystery of my unique voice. I believe Allison is shining a beautiful light on the pedagogy of the voice.”

adrienne g.

“Working with her was a deeply healing experience, and I discovered so many underlying pains and blockages in my mental approach to music that had been holding me back for a long time. I learned so much about the connection of the voice to the entire body, and learned how to pull my singing out of my head and into my breath. This knowledge has helped to guide me in my own teaching and my own singing. The Sacred Voice model for singing is the most organic and intuitive form of musicianship I’ve ever come across, and I would recommend it to all singers.”

natalie s.

“The workshop with Allison gave me so much to think about! I feel like I’m headed down a new path with my voice. There’s a lot more work to do but I have some idea of how to approach it now. And I felt unself-conscious about singing (or less self-conscious, anyway) for the first time in a long time!”

helen f.

“I never thought I could sing, and one year after working with Allison my singing has improved so much. Something happened at the workshop and I feel more confident. I trust my voice in a way I couldn’t before. Allison is very special and she makes you feel you can do it. Thank you, Allison.”

teresa m.

get my best advice on:

  • How to gain greater access to your breath
  • How to rewire your brain for success
  • How to get out of your own way
  • Finally understand why you never seem to have enough breath!
  • Learn the secret to how to never run out of breath

learn my breathing recipe:

✅  A to Z Breathing

✅  The 50% Rule

✅  Quality over Quantity

✅  My Sacred Voice secret weapon

you will also learn:

✅  The Biggest Thing standing in your (and your students) way

✅  The fastest (and loveliest) way to warm-up (it’s not what you think)

about allison

I’m Allison Mondel, Transformational Voice Coach and big-hearted seeker on a mission to help others discover their innate, brilliant Sacred Voice, and transform their singing and their lives. 

Following the physical and emotional trauma of the birth of my amazing little boy, I was in a very difficult place. I had hoped to recover some semblance of normalcy in my voice practice, and desperate to feel better in body, mind, and spirit. For several months after becoming a new mom, I began to experience consistent, nagging, then Oh God Excruciating! back pain, and discovered a wee problem: I had a muscle knot in my diaphragm. My first thought was: ouch! And then… I have a diaphragm??? 

I had been a professional singer for decades, and had no idea where or what or how my diaphragm was supposed to work properly. Or, in my case, was completely NOT working properly!

Following this discovery, I began to get curious about my breath, not just as a singer, but as a person who wanted to feel better. My process of discovery led me not only to healing my breath, but healing my entire self. It changed my life and kickstarted The Sacred Voice Studio, a holistic voice practice based on some simple, indisputable principles: your voice is worthy, capable, and inherently sacred. 

But I know that this is not the easiest thing to understand or accept. Let me show you how a holistic understanding of your breath can radically transform your singing, and your life.

here are the details:

Breath Makeover: A Workshop for Singers


You will be sent an email with an access link to the video and supplementary materials. The workshop consists of instruction balanced with workshop time, including guided breathing and meditation, energy work, and journaling, with a brief Q&A at the end.

Total time: 1hr 50min.



Q:   I can’t make it in person but this sounds amazing! Will it be recorded?
A:   Yes! We will record for you and send you a private link for viewing. And if you have a question send that in advance to [email protected].

Q:   Will there be singing?
A:    A small amount, and it will be very simple. This is a workshop that is focused primarily on breathing, but importantly how your breathing integrates with your voice.



Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash