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Your Sacred Voice is that presence within our being that births divine expression into form. I think it is the very best and most powerful aspect of our voice, but so often it can be elusive or untouchable when we are caught up in our fears. But everyone has a Sacred Voice. It resides within your heart center, and is integrated with your entire self. It is brilliant, soulful, authentic, joyful, real. And available at any time, when you are ready and willing to tap into its innate power and brilliance. 

how i can help

My voice journey has led me on some pretty interesting adventures! But importantly led me to discover what was beyond my overthinking, criticism, and fear: the innate potential of our divine, brilliantly human instrument married with our spirit. I call it the Sacred Voice. It is my calling to use my Sacred Voice in all that I do–especially my singing–and I can help you unlock, discover, and use your Sacred Voice, too. When you discover your Sacred Voice, you discover an entirely new dimension of self-expression that frees you up from fears and anxiety, and moves you into a space of co-creation with spirit. I can help you dissolve your fears and use your own Sacred Voice, a total voice transformation. 

about me

I am a reformed self-critic who through my own journey of self-discovery and flow of awakening have discovered that I have a Sacred Voice. (You have one, too.) Many years after receiving my Master’s Degree in Early Music Vocal Performance and following the traditional path of a classical musician, I side-stepped the entire thing. This was truly difficult. But I was miserable, striving for an impossible perfection and external validation with which I was no longer aligned. I had been yearning for a more loving, holistic, and spiritual approach to singing. I discovered my Sacred Voice, or rather, it found me, as I began some deep healing work on myself. I discovered this in a way that was tangible, practical, and meeting the high mark of personal excellence that I strive for in my artistry. So I have been exploring a different path, learning how to use my voice in a way that is more meaningful, soulful, and affirming and helping other singer-seekers to do the same. The most important shift I have made is integrating the understanding that we are all walking around in brilliant, multi-faceted, divine instruments overseen by innately intelligent supercomputers waaaaaay beyond our conscious understanding: every single one of us. But we rarely tap their huge potential! I believe the current (old-school) approach to singing is in dire need of an industry overhaul. We are capable of so much more, and are learning how to shift the paradigm from chasing “beautiful” singing that is artificially rendered to emanating sacred, healing, light-filled sound. I want to help you discover your potential and do the same.

the studio story

I know a LOT about singers. I have met a lot of them. I know how they tick. I know their fears. I know their tendencies. I am one of them. It is a plain fact that most of us are operating in fear. Some singers harbor deeply-embedded insecurities about their voice that hold them back personally, emotionally, and artistically. That was me. I came to the realizaton that it was not my voice that was the problem. It was my relationship with my voice that was causing all of my pain. I had built up all of these harmful stories about my voice–and myself–that were holding me back, sometimes in silence. We are taught at a very tender age about what is acceptable and pleasant and how to belong. The same goes for our singing. When we miss the mark, it can be truly devastating. (“Voice rejection” is even normalized: totally awful, right?) This pain can stay with us for a lifetime. But it need not be permanent. I believe if we have the will to transform and regain our confidence in our voice, we can discover that we hold the most beautiful voice imaginable. And we no longer require external validation and approval of our singing, but can actually craft our own vision for our voice, not what others expect of us. I want to provide a safe space to nurture singers, and to offer a healthy, achievable process to help singers remove their protective armor and discover the magic and potential of their own Sacred Voice.

my values

Cultivate Courage
I want you to believe in yourself, shine into the world, and act with honor.

Simplify Excellence
I want you to know what to do, build your skill set, and master any challenge.

Uncover Your Uniqueness
I want you to be liberated, express your vision, and sing authentically.

Sensitive Support
I hold a trusting, non-judgmental space for you so you can feel safe as you learn.

I want you to dive deep, tap into your sacred source, and be unquestionably guided from within.

As a teacher, she is a fierce, passionate advocate for her students, always seeing their gifts and inspiring them to grow into and take ownership of their persons and voices. As a colleague, she is the kindest, most loving person I could ever have hoped to work with – her support and friendship have meant the world to me in my own teaching and musicianship.

george fergus

associate director of music and organist

washington national cathedral


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