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The Sacred Voice Studio is a container that supports an entire person as they develop their voice.

Its special focus is activating a spiritual connection, as well as cultivating emotional wellness as a singer develops their vocal technique and artistry.

The Studio serves people at their respective level of vocal development, all with the same aim: to cultivate worthiness, trust, and individual purpose on the pathway to vocal discovery. Clients range from voice novices to emerging and professional singers, all who actively seek to shift the way they relate to their voice, and how they achieve the results they desire for their singing. 

Following decades of classical voice training and professional work, Allison Mondel has developed a unique framework that realigns the way singers connect with their voice and pursue vocal excellence. Her framework is centered upon the concept of the “sacred voice,” in which the singing voice is conceived as an expression of the divine essence within each individual. 

The concept of the Sacred Voice is based on the primary notion that our voice is anchored within the heart space. This essential concept is quite simple, but revolutionary in practice. When activated, there is a voice revolution

The Sacred Voice Framework has three main components:

  1. Heartcenteredness
  2. Flow State
  3. Intentionality

These pillars serve as macro-concepts that shape and guide an individual’s practice on their journey of vocal development. The approach allows for deeper connection with the voice, a freer expression, and more accessible creative conductivity. 

The framework does not sacrifice the concept of personal or vocal excellence in any way, but rather actively pursues the creation of deep trust and worthiness in one’s voice as a means of authentic personal expression. The concept of the sacred voice encompasses the basic notion that the human voice is, by nature, capable of excellence and inherently functional.

Through the activation of the sacred voice, the singer unites every component of the self working in tandem to manifest their singing: heart, mind, body, spirit. Crucially, there is a balance and synthesis of each element, resulting in a more harmonious experience and an enriched sound.

Ultimately, the Studio offers a concept, process, and meta-framework to support any individual singer in connecting with their most authentic voice, and discovering how to use their voice to fulfill their greater purpose.


As a teacher, she is a fierce, passionate advocate for her students, always seeing their gifts and inspiring them to grow into and take ownership of their persons and voices. As a colleague, she is the kindest, most loving person I could ever have hoped to work with – her support and friendship have meant the world to me in my own teaching and musicianship.

george fergus

associate director of music and organist
washington national cathedral

my clients

The Studio attracts students who are eager to move boldly into a new relationship with their voice. In this new chapter, singers embrace the sacred nature of their voice, remove their inhibitions, and uncover the deeper purpose for their voice. 

Clients include:

  • New singers who feel called to activate their voice
  • Avocational singers who want to enrich and refine their music-making
  • Emerging professional singers who seek clarity, guidance, and groundedness on their pathway
  • Professional singers who desire to live into their purpose

At any level of development, every singer has a desire to understand, access, and learn how to become a conduit for their voice. 

Allison’s experience, expertise, conceptual framework, intuitive guidance, and compassion support all members of the Sacred Voice community wherever they are on their voice journey. She has an innate capacity to see the big picture for any individual, and funnel large concepts into simple steps that create major shifts for each client.

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my values

Cultivate Courage

Believe in yourself, shine into the world, and honor your voice.

Simplify Excellence

Keep it simple, know what to do, and meet any challenge with YES.

Allow Your Uniqueness

Discover and express your vision for your voice.

Sensitive Support

Be held in a trusting, non-judgmental space so you can feel safe as you learn and evolve.

Trust Your Heart

Tap into your divine source and be unquestionably guided from within.

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Trust Your Voice

You can build trust in your voice. This series of free video trainings will help you dismantle your fears and build a rock-solid foundation for your singing.