about allison mondel

Allison is determined to love and value her voice and her self at all costs. Her work to help others awaken, heal, and release their Sacred Voice is borne of a lifetime of clambering through an obstacle course of self-esteem challenges. As agonizing as they may have seemed at the time, these experiences (married to her will to transform) have been the key to her wisdom, healing, and growth, especially related to her singing. And it continues to evolve each and every day…

She has had the great privilege of singing alongside world-class artists in lofty venues as well as slogging through the most cringeworthy, spectacularly embarrassingly bad gigs. But she would prefer to recall some of her most rewarding moments of her career: performing one of Hildegard von Bingen’s chants at the National Prayer Service for President Obama at Washington National Cathedral, crafting programs for the National Gallery of Art, turning the delicate folios of a medieval Irish music manuscript at Trinity College Dublin, and embodying the role of Mary Magdalene in Eya’s performance of The Three Marys.

​Her most meaningful work has been in the teaching studio, working primarily with adults who yearn to sing their heart out, teenagers and college students allergic to making mistakes, and little kids who are wrangled into lessons against their will. She is excited to work with singers who seek to deepen and transform their relationship with their voice. She has taught singing for almost 20 years, including at Washington National Cathedral, Georgetown University, and her own private studio, and has taught classes and workshops on early music throughout the east coast, midwest, and Ireland. 

Allison received her formal voice training from the Longy School of Music with a Master’s degree in Early Music Vocal Performance, but is a really a musical polymath type (especially if you consider her Rick Astley impressions). She is the founder and director of Eya: Ensemble for Medieval Music, an award-winning women’s vocal ensemble appearing in concert across the country. Before initiating her romance with medieval chant and Renaissance polyphony, she obsessed over Broadway shows, Mötley Crüe, and Disney soundtracks, all played at full blast on the fancy new stereo system she bought with her bat mitzvah gift money. She is now more interested in living whole-heartedly and learning to love and honor her body, mind, spirit, and voice.

Allison is a lover of life. She is totally a Leo. She lives for summer. She is a highly intuitive person. Metaphysics, consciousness, astrology, and singing (of course) are her favorite topics of conversation. Her spiritual framework is personal and not attached to any religious tradition, despite the fact that she is crazy about medieval sacred music. She is deeply connected to and guided by the Divine Feminine. Her primary influences have been the the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Caroline Myss, as well as her own intuitive wisdom through deep personal inquiry. 

Allison resides in Silver Spring, MD with her beautiful, precious family which includes three gorgeous but crazy cats. Her sweetest joy is the erupting smile of her five-year-old son, Adrian, who is awesome. She is partnered with her best friend and husband, Richard. They are totally different people but share ultra-nerdy inside jokes and a deep appreciation of spirituality, nature, art, and music. They simultaneously dream about lying aimlessly in their backyard hammock.