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The world of singing can seem strange, confusing, and overwhelming sometimes. You want to sound better, feel better, to have more trust and stability in your voice.

Perhaps you also have that inner voice that has been whispering to you for a while, longing to be released. But where do you go and what do you do? 

My name is Allison Mondel, and I want to help you find your sacred voice. May you find inspiration here to deepen your own sacred voice journey.

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Cultivate excellence in your singing by accessing the innate wisdom of your voice.


Tap into your Source and manifest your personal vision for your voice.


Shift your mindset to clear away mental noise and toxic paradigms that hold you back.

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It is nothing short of a blessed miracle that when you do honor your desire, your desire turns into reality. I trust this process, I have seen it unfold in my own life many times.”


I’m so grateful for Allison’s technical expertise rooted in trust and heart-centeredness, which has given me tools to build a voice practice based on profound listening and inquiry, holistic embodiment and a reverence for the voice as a sacred instrument.

adrienne g.

How To Trust Your Voice

A free online course to help you access your sacred voice and cultivate trust in yourself. 

Remove your doubts and cultivate trust. This course outlines a method to help you understand and dissolve your fears, and build a rock-solid foundation for your singing.

Create a mindset that supports you, rather than hinders you. Understand how your mind can sabotage or support your goals, and create a lasting practice to keep you focused.

Apply this method for any musical genre, style, or voice type. This visionary method is universal to all voice users, and does not require any special skill or aptitude.

Leave behind your fretting and frustration.

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